2016-2017 UIL

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Last weekend, Saturday, April 8, 14 students went to Magnolia High School to compete in the UIL regional’s competition.

“The competition was really high leveled”, says Mr. Gardner, the UIL director.

Out of the 14 students from Dayton who traveled to advance to state, only one student placed. Abbey Jane Howeth, a junior, placed 3rd in Feature Writing and will be advancing to the state competition at the University of Texas in Austin.

” I’m really proud of myself and I am excited to represent my school” says Abby.

The UIL regionals competition was definitely a challenge for the participants. The students had to give it their all and perform to the best of their ability.

”It was my first regional competition so I was pretty nervous” says Abby.

The competition required a lot of skill, but perfection comes with preparation. All school year, Mr. Gardner and the UIL participants have been working hard to be more than ready for the challenges they would face in UIL.

”Practice, Practice, Practice” says Gardner, is how the students prepared for the competition.

Although there was only one student who will be going to state, that means there will only be more work and determination put into UIL next year.

“we will practice more efficiently” Gardner says.

Sounds like next year will be filled with even more accomplishment and success for the participants of UIL. Well done to Abby, and the other students who participated last weekend.

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