Boys Tennis

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Last week the boys tennis team had a tournament and to be honest they did fairly well. Two players that did really great for Dayton were Kevin and Izzy. Both players got the most points for the Dayton team as state by another player in an interviewed.


“It was between Kevin and Izzy they both did outstanding.” said Mickey.


Another player who stood out last week was Mikey Harris. Although he lost his match he did his best and played hard. He gave it his all and in the end, came out with not much of a loss. When interviewed he stated that the opponent really made him work to stay up with him and that its was very challenging and hard to get to the ball.


“He was actually very challenging and made me work for it” said Mickey.


In the overall outcome Dayton ended up losing, but not by a lot and the boys played a hard fought tournament and in the end, they were victorious in the way the played and gave effort.


“Overall as a team we placed 3rd, so we did fairly good.” said Mickey.

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