The Languages of DHS

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The Foreign Language department is lacking in many things. One of these things is the variety of languages that are available to students. DHS only offers Spanish and Sign Language out of the thousands of languages out there. I took a survey and asked the question “What Foreign Language would you like to see at DHS?”

There was a tie between two of the languages on the survey and those two were German and French. These languages are some of the most famous languages, besides Spanish, out there.

“It would help DHS tremendously to offer more languages for students to learn to better help them in the long run,” says Juan Vazquez. “The more languages a student knows the more opportunities that open up for that student.”

Some honorable mentions of the survey are Hieroglyphs and Italian. “Both of these languages would be very cool and sound unique to learn,” says Marshall Wells, Bronco Beat Content Manager,

“I just wish we had more options.”

The world is growing and more languages are popping up from one place to another. What would it hurt to help students be able to communicate with them and teach other languages besides one.

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