JV Lady Bronco’s vs. Kingwood Park

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Tuesday January 31, The Dayton Lady Broncos and The Kingwood Park Lady Panthers met at the Bronco Stadium. The Lady Broncos gave everything and played a good game, but it ended unfortunately in an 8-0 victory for the Panthers. The Panthers scored their first goal eight minutes into the first half, and a second goal came quick just one minute after that. Then again about five minutes later, the Panthers got yet another goal. The Broncos kept their defenses strong. With five seconds left until halftime the Panthers managed to change the scoreboard to 4-0.

The Broncos came back strong and the Panthers had to fight for their next four goals. It’s only the second year that Dayton High School has had soccer, and the teams make progress and get better after each and every game. I talked to Flor Trigueros, a freshman on the JV team, and asked her what soccer is to her. She stated “Soccer to me isn’t just a game; it’s a part of how I grew up so it’s a way I live by.” She has been playing soccer with her older brothers since she was little and she’s planning on playing until her senior year. Her favorite thing about the sport is the intensity. I also asked her what expectations she has for the rest of the season and she said “To keep trying and pushing to my potential and mainly not giving up and to grow as a team.

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