To Be, or Not to Be Crispy

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A crispito, the delicious gas station food that comes filled with creamy like cheese and chicken. It may have been the one thing the students looked forward to in their normal lives at school, because lunch is the second best part of the day, second to leaving school.

It was only one year ago when they stopped serving crispitos, why? No one really knows. They may have been too unhealthy or maybe the district had to give something up to save money, or they just wanted to make the student suffer more than ever before. Either way, some students want the district to bring back the delicious taco-looking thing that filled them up. While others could care less if they brought them back or not. In this case, Ramiro Valdez Jr. thought they shouldn’t be brought back.

On January 9, I interviewed Ramiro about the crispitos, his thoughts on them, and got his opinion on the topic. His answers were pretty surprising, seeing how negative they were towards the crispitos. I started the interview simple with the question, “Why do you think they got rid of crispitos?” It took no longer than a few seconds for him to answer by saying, “Because they’re nasty and soft, they’re not ‘crispy’.” After this question, it was one negative comment after another, even saying that crispitos “[are] stinking trash…” He said that crispitos were too unhealthy and the demand for them is low, therefore they will not come back. In my final question I asked, “In your opinion would you bring crispitos back? Why or why not?” He negatively said “No, because they are stinking trash, and it’s a waste of money that can be invested in something else.”

In the end, it’s all about opinion, and in this case, Ramiro did not like crispitos at all. This should leave the students thinking about crispitos and if they’re really as good as they seem. To be, or not to be crispy?

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