JV Lady Broncos Soccer

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JV Lady Broncos Soccer

Eline Steffensen

Eline Steffensen

Eline Steffensen

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On Tuesday January 10th, the JV Lady Broncos soccer team took on the Goose Creek Memorial Patriots at Stallworth Stadium. It started as a pretty even game and ended with a 3-0 victory for the Patriots. The Patriots had many chances to score but the Broncos held them to one goal in the first half. The Bronco’s defense was impressive but slipped up in the second half giving up three more goals, even though the last goal was offside.

After the game I talked to the JV coach, Coach Starr. She has played soccer herself for 15 years and this is her first year to be a coach. I asked her what she thought of the game and she stated “I think we showed a lot of progress and I am very proud.”

What is something your team has to practice on before the next game?

“We need to practice on speed, to get faster. We also have to practice on getting to the ball first.”

Do you think it was a fair game? Did the team that won deserve it?

“Yes, they played a good game and they deserved to win.”

What is something your team could have done different?

“We could have won the ball in the air more.”

Is there anything your team could learn from the other team?

“They were very aggressive, so we could learn from that. Be more aggressive and charge more.”

What is something your team does to prepare for a game?

“We practice first of all, then we also have to remember to eat right, sleep right and drink a lot of water.”

Coach Starr’s final comment was “I have had almost every girl on my team in classroom, so to see them play their first game was like a ‘proud mom moment.’”

Photographer: Eline Steffensen

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